Mourad Mourad

Sergeant Mourad Mourad is a thirteen-year veteran of the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Sgt. Mourad, who is of both Egyptian and Turkish ancestry, immigrated to the United States at age 15 and realized his dreamed of being a uniformed member of the NYPD. As a proud, first-generation immigrant, Sgt. Mourad experienced, early on, the need and tremendous value of mentoring. As such, Sgt. Mourad became a founder of the Middle Eastern and Turkic Society (MTS), a society that aims to provide a platform for all members of the service to gather and build an stronger relationships, among members of the service, and most importantly, with the larger community around us.

Sgt. Mourad is committed breaking down barriers, and engaging in an ongoing dialogue, in order to better serve the community. Through this work, we serve not only the NYPD community, but also the wider community at large, all while improving representation, both individually and collectively within the NYPD. As the president of the MTS, we ask you, to support us and join us, working together to build trust, harmony, and a brighter future for those that will undoubtedly follow our example.

Hatice Dirlik

Vice President
Hatice Dirlik is one of the very few Turkish Detectives in the NYPD. Hatice has been employed with the NYPD for approximately 15 years. Hatice Dirlik is a first-generation Turkish American who is extremely passionate about her professional career, as well as, giving back to her community. In hopes to pay back the community, she was one of the founders of the Middle Eastern and Turkic Society.

She takes her position in the organization seriously and works tenaciously on providing the community members with the resources they need. Hatice considers seeing as the VP of MTS as one of her most significant accomplishments. Hatice hopes that this organization provides everything its member's needs and fills the gaps that exist between the community and law enforcement

Arif Tasoren


Board Advisory Committee

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