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The purpose of establishing the Middle Eastern and Turkic Society (MTS) is to provide a forum for NYPD uniform and civilians members of Greater Middle Eastern and Turkic Descent to congregate and celebrate their cultural and religious diversity.

We aim to serve as a bridge between the multitude of backgrounds commonly found amongst people of The Mid-East and Turkic heritage and to celebrate our rich cultural and religious diversity.

The society welcomes and respects individuals from all ethnic and religious backgrounds, will support the NYPD as an institution, highlight the diversity found within the department and serve as a platform for inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue.

The MTS aims to support the broader NYPD mission of cross-cultural community engagement by sponsoring social events, cultural activities, charitable programs and community outreach.

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Upcoming Association Membership Events:

Hookah & Hummus
June 27, 2018

Hosted by Middle East & Turkic Society
$30 MTS Members
$40 Non MTS Members
Held At "Le Reve"
125 E 54th st. New York, NY 10022

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